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We’re giving you FREE access to Flutter Apprentice from October 6, 2021 through January 6, 2022.

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Flutter is partnering with Razeware, the team behind the Ray Wenderlich tutorial series, to provide free, online access to Flutter Apprentice.

On top of free access to Flutter Apprentice, we’re excited to be partnering with the Flutter Community YouTube channel, Flutteristas, and other prominent leaders in the Flutter community to host the Flutter Apprentice Book Club. Every Wednesday at 12pm EST / 9am PST, you can join us on the Flutter Community YouTube channel for summaries, discussions, and more.

For more information, watch the following video:

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Book club schedule

We’re collaborating with the Flutter Community to host weekly book club livestreams to answer your questions. Join us on the Flutter Community YouTube channel every Wednesday at 9am PT / 12pm EST. Read each week’s chapter(s) prior to the livestream to ensure maximum preparedness. The schedule is below.

You can find the live stream on YouTube.

Date Homework Live stream topic YouTube video
October 6+ Sign up for free access!
Check out the first live stream for details.
October 13 Read chapters 1, 2 Getting started Oct 13th replay
October 20 Read chapters 3, 4 Widgets Oct 20th replay
October 27 Read chapters 5, 6 More widgets Oct 27th replay
November 3 Read chapters 7, 8 Navigation Nov 3rd replay
November 10 Read chapters 9, 15 Data persistence Nov 10th replay
November 17 Read chapters 10, 11 Networking & serialization Nov 17th replay
November 24 Read chapters 12, 14 Chopper & streams Nov 24th replay
December 1 Read chapters 13 State management Dec 1st replay
December 8 Read chapters 19 Firebase Dec 8th replay
December 15 Read chapter 16, 17, 18 Deployment Dec 15th replay