Interaction Designer

About the team

Flutter is Google’s new cross-platform UI toolkit that lets designers and developers craft beautiful, native apps for Android, iOS, desktop and web from a single code base. Flutter is poised to change how people build apps, and we’ve seen explosive growth over the last couple of years, leading us to continue to expand our team. Flutter is one of Google’s most significant open source contributions, and is one of the top 10 software repos on GitHub.

Flutter is a well-funded project, and is the magic sauce behind some of Google’s most strategic products including Google Nest Hub, Google Pay, Stadia, Ads, and Classroom. Externally, it’s used by nearly 400,000 apps from companies and brands including WeChat, eBay, Alibaba, Sonos, SHEIN, ByteDance and PUBG.

Flutter UX is a diverse and high-performing group of individuals deeply embedded in Flutter’s development process. We have a track record of publicly advocating for developer UX through official blog posts, YouTube videos, and academic publications. Flutter UX is also one of the founding teams of a Google-wide community for advancing human-centered design in programming tools.

Our values


Upon joining Google, you will be paired with a formal mentor, who will help guide you in the process of ramping up, forging relationships, and learning the systems you’ll need to do your job. Your manager can also help you find mentors who can coach you as you navigate your career at Google. In addition to formal mentors, we work and train together so that we are always learning from one another, and we celebrate and support the career progression of our team members.


Here on the Flutter team and at Google, we embrace our differences and are committed to furthering our culture of inclusion. In addition to groups like the Flutteristas, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-initiated networks for supporting underrepresented employees and their allies with shared values of creating belonging across their communities and Google.

Work-Life Balance

Our team also puts a high value on work-life balance. Striking a healthy balance between your personal and professional life is crucial to your happiness and success here, which is why we aren’t focused on how many hours you spend at work or online. Instead, we’re happy to offer a flexible schedule so you can have a more productive and well-balanced life—both in and outside of work.

Job location

Preferred locations: Mountain View, Seattle, Portland, or New York City. This job is eligible for remote working within the US or Canada.

Job responsibilities

  • Create innovative design solutions across Flutter’s UI surfaces, such as IDEs, API references, DevTools, package repository site, and CLI.
  • Collaborate with engineers to communicate, negotiate, and/or influence design intention. Guide design specifications (e.g., red-lines, mock-ups, or product models) for implementation.
  • Contribute to a holistic design process and design system across related teams or products. Assist in design and testing processes, and generate support for a design vision with partners.
  • Create design concepts (e.g., mock-ups, prototypes, models) for informing product ideation and user research/testing.
  • Drive improvements in design based on UX testing and stakeholder input and provide input and feedback to engage stakeholders on product design and achieve product goals.

Minimum qualifications

You must meet these minimum qualifications to apply for this job.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 2 years of experience in product design or UX.
  • Experience designing across multiple platforms, and working with technical/design teams to create user flows, wireframes, and building user interface mockups and prototypes.
  • Portfolio highlighting multiple projects and your direct contributions.

Preferred qualifications

Having as many of these specific qualifications is a plus, but transferable skills/experiences may be equally valuable.

  • Passion for the developer tools space.
  • Experience designing for developers and/or other types of professional users.
  • Experience in frontend development (e.g., Flutter or HTML/CSS/JS).
  • Experience prototyping your own designs to enable research and internal reviews.

To apply

Please apply by filling out the following form.