Migration guide for describeEnum


The global method describeEnum has been deprecated. Existing uses of describeEnum(Enum.something) should use Enum.something.name instead.


Dart 2.17 introduced enhanced enums. With them, Enum became a type and all enums got a name getter, which made describeEnum redundant.

The describeEnum method was used to convert an enum value to a string, since Enum.something.toString() would produce Enum.something instead of something, which a lot of users wanted. Now, the name getter does this.

Description of change

Remove describeEnum.

  • Replace describeEnum(Enum.something) with Enum.something.name.

Migration guide

If you used describeEnum(Enum.field) to acesss the string value from an enum, you can now call Enum.field.name.

Code before migration:

enum MyEnum { paper, rock }

print(describeEnum(MyEnum.paper)); // output: paper

Code after migration:

enum MyEnum { paper, rock }

print(MyEnum.paper.name); // output: paper


Landed in version: TBD
In stable release: not yet


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