Flutter fundamentals

On this page, there are a few videos, articles, and a short tutorial that introduce many of the foundational concepts used by Flutter developers on a daily basis.

Welcome to Flutter


The following tutorial is a gentle introduction in building UIs with Flutter. It starts with a 'hello world' app, and walks you through building a simple shopping list application. If you're exploring Flutter for the first time, it's the perfect place to begin.

Tutorial: Building user interfaces with Flutter



Flutter applications are built in Dart, a language that will look familiar to anyone who's written Java, Javascript, or any other C-like language. The first resource listed here is a tutorial about writing Dart code.

Tutorial: Get started with Dart: Write command-line apps

If you're interested in why Flutter chose Dart, you can read about it in the resource linked below. The other link has more resources for learning Dart.

Anatomy of a widget


In regard to Flutter, you'll often hear "everything is a widget". Widgets are the UI building blocks that are combined to create a fully functional application.

In the first tutorial, Building user interfaces with Flutter, you saw some built-in widgets, and created some custom widgets. The following videos expand on what you learned by explaining in detail the two types of widgets that you use the most in Flutter: stateless widgets and stateful widgets.

Important widgets to know


The Flutter SDK includes many built-in widgets, from the smallest pieces of UI, like Text, to layout widgets, and widgets that style your application. The following widgets are the most important to be aware of as you move onto the next lesson in the learning pathway.

Next: Layouts


This page is an introduction to foundational Flutter concepts, like widgets, and helps you become familiar with reading Flutter and Dart code. It's okay if you don't feel clear on every topic you encountered, as every page after this is a deep-dive on specific topics. In the next section, you'll start building more interesting UIs by creating more complex layouts in Flutter.



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