These Flutter videos, produced both internally at Google and by the Flutter community, might help if you are a visual learner.

Note that many people make Flutter videos. This page shows some that we like, but there are many others, including some in different languages.



Flutter Forward


Even if you couldn't make it to Nairobi for the in-person event, you can enjoy the content created for Flutter Forward!

Flutter Forward livestream

Flutter Forward playlist

Get ready for Flutter Forward


Flutter Forward is happening on Jan 25th, in Nairobi, Kenya. Before the event, the Flutter team provided 17 days of Flutter featuring new content and activities leading up to the event. This playlist contains these and other pre-event videos relating to Flutter Forward.

17 Days of Flutter!

Get ready for Flutter Forward playlist

Learning to Fly


Follow along with Khanh's journey as she learns Flutter. From ideation down to the moments of confusion, learn alongside her as she asks important questions like: "What is the best way to build out a theme? How to approach using fonts?" And more!

Building my first Flutter app | Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly playlist

Here are some of the series offered on the flutterdev YouTube channel. For more information, check out all of the Flutter channel's playlists.

Decoding Flutter


This series focuses on tips, tricks, best practices, and general advice on getting the most out of Flutter. In the comments section for this series, you can submit suggestions future episodes.

Introducing Decoding Flutter

Decoding Flutter playlist

Flutter widget of the week


Do you have 60 seconds? Each one-minute video highlights a Flutter widget.

Introducing widget of the week

Flutter widget of the week playlist

Flutter package of the week


If you have another minute (or two), each of these videos highlights a Flutter package.

flutter_slidable package

Flutter package of the week playlist

The Boring Flutter show


This series features Flutter programmers coding, unscripted and in real time. Mistakes, solutions (some of them correct), and snazzy intro music included.

Introducing the Boring Flutter show

The Boring Flutter show playlist

Flutter at Google I/O 2022


Google I/O 2022 is over, but you can still catch the great Flutter content!

Flutter at Google I/O playlist

Flutter Engage 2021


Flutter Engage 2021 was a day-long event that officially launched Flutter 2.

Check out the Flutter Engage 2021 highlights reel.

Watch recordings of the sessions on the Flutter YouTube channel.

Flutter Engage Keynote

Flutter Engage 2021 playlist

Watch recordings of the sessions offered by the Flutter community.

Flutter Engage community talks playlist

Flutter in focus


Five-to-ten minute tutorials (more or less) on using Flutter.

Introducing Flutter in focus

Flutter in focus playlist

Conference talks


Here are a some Flutter talks given at various conferences.

Conference talks playlist

Flutter developer stories


Videos showing how various customers, such as Abbey Road Studio, Hamilton, and Alibaba, have used Flutter to create beautiful compelling apps with millions of downloads.

Flutter developer stories playlist