Implicit animations

With Flutter's animation library, you can add motion and create visual effects for the widgets in your UI. One part of the library is an assortment of widgets that manage animations for you. These widgets are collectively referred to as implicit animations, or implicitly animated widgets, deriving their name from the ImplicitlyAnimatedWidget class that they implement. The following set of resources provide many ways to learn about implicit animations in Flutter.


Implicit animations codelab
Jump right into the code! This codelab uses interactive examples and step-by-step instructions to teach you how to use implicit animations.
AnimatedContainer sample
A step-by-step recipe from the Flutter cookbook for using the AnimatedContainer implicitly animated widget.
ImplicitlyAnimatedWidget API page
All implicit animations extend the ImplicitlyAnimatedWidget class.

Flutter in Focus videos


Flutter in Focus videos feature 5-10 minute tutorials with real code that cover techniques that every Flutter dev needs to know from top to bottom. The following videos cover topics that are relevant to implicit animations.

Learn about Animation Basics with Implicit Animations

Learn about building Custom Implicit Animations with TweenAnimationBuilder

The Boring Show


Watch the Boring Show to follow Google Engineers build apps from scratch in Flutter. The following episode covers using implicit animations in a news aggregator app.

Learn about implicitly animating the Hacker News app

Widget of the Week videos


A weekly series of short animated videos each showing the important features of one particular widget. In about 60 seconds, you'll see real code for each widget with a demo about how it works. The following Widget of the Week videos cover implicitly animated widgets:

Learn about the AnimatedOpacity Flutter Widget

Learn about the AnimatedPadding Flutter Widget

Learn about the AnimatedPositioned Flutter Widget

Learn about the AnimatedSwitcher Flutter Widget