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Once you've gone through Get started, including Write your first Flutter app, here are some next steps.



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Building layouts
Learn how to create layouts in Flutter, where everything is a widget.
Understanding constraints
Once you understand that "Constraints flow down. Sizes flow up. Parents set positions", then you are well on your way to understanding Flutter's layout model.
Adding interactivity to your Flutter app
Learn how to add a stateful widget to your app.
Get the answers to frequently asked questions.



Check out the Introducing Flutter series. Learn Flutter basics like how do I make my first Flutter app? In Flutter, "everything is a widget"! Learn more about Stateless and Stateful widgets in What is State?

Only have 60 seconds? Learn how to build and deploy a Flutter App!

Want to skill up?


Dive deeper into how Flutter works under the hood! Learn why you write standalone widgets instead of using helper methods or what is "BuildContext" and how is it used?

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