Configuring the URL strategy on the web

Flutter web apps support two ways of configuring URL-based navigation on the web:

Hash (default)
Paths are read and written to the hash fragment. For example,
Paths are read and written without a hash. For example,

Configuring the URL strategy


To configure Flutter to use the path instead, use the usePathUrlStrategy function provided by the flutter_web_plugins library in the SDK:

import 'package:flutter_web_plugins/url_strategy.dart';

void main() {

Configuring your web server


PathUrlStrategy uses the History API, which requires additional configuration for web servers.

To configure your web server to support PathUrlStrategy, check your web server's documentation to rewrite requests to index.html.Check your web server's documentation for details on how to configure single-page apps.

If you are using Firebase Hosting, choose the "Configure as a single-page app" option when initializing your project. For more information see Firebase's Configure rewrites documentation.

The local dev server created by running flutter run -d chrome is configured to handle any path gracefully and fallback to your app's index.html file.

Hosting a Flutter app at a non-root location


Update the <base href="/"> tag in web/index.html to the path where your app is hosted. For example, to host your Flutter app at, change this tag to <base href="/flutter_app/">.