DevTools 2.22.2 release notes

Dart & Flutter DevTools - A Suite of Performance Tools for Dart and Flutter

General updates

  • Prevent crashes if there is no main isolate - #5232

CPU profiler updates

  • Display stack frame uri inline with method name to ensure the URI is always visible in deeply nested trees - #5181

    inline uri

  • Add the ability to filter by method name or source URI - #5204

Memory updates

  • Change filter default to show only project and 3rd party dependencies #5201.

    filter default

  • Support expression evaluation in console for running application #5248.


  • Add column Persisted for memory diffing #5290


Debugger updates

  • Add support for browser navigation history when navigating using the File Explorer #4906
  • Designate positional fields for Record types with the getter syntax beginning at $1 #5272
  • Fix variable inspection for Map and List instances: #5320

    map and list

  • Fix variable inspection for Set instances: #5323


Network profiler updates

  • Improve reliability and performance of the Network tab - #5056


More details about changes and fixes are available in the DevTools changelog.