Supported platforms

Supported platforms

As of the current release, Flutter supports the following platforms:

Platform Version Channels
Android API 16 (Android 4.1) & above All
iOS iOS 9 & above All
Linux Debian, 64-bit All
macOS El Capitan (10.11) & above All
Web Chrome 84 & above All
Web Firefox 72.0 & above All
Web Safari on El Capitan & above All
Web Edge 1.2.0 & above All
Windows Windows 7 & above, 64-bit All

All channels include master, beta, and stable channels.

How we define a supported platform

We define three tiers of support for the platforms on which Flutter runs:

  1. Supported Google-tested platforms, which are platforms the Flutter team at Google tests in continuous integration at every commit.
  2. Best-effort platforms, supported through community testing, are platforms we believe we support through coding practices and ad-hoc testing, but rely on the community for testing.
  3. Unsupported platforms, which are platforms that might work, but that the development team doesn’t directly test or support.

Supported Google-tested platforms

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 21–30
Android Android SDK 19
iOS 14-15
Linux Debian 10
macOS El Capitan & greater
Web Chrome 84
Web Firefox 72.0
Web Safari / Catalina
Web Edge 1.2.0
Windows Windows 10

Note that Android SDK 20 is covered by testing Android SDK 19, as the differences between the two platform versions are minimal.

Best-effort platforms

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 20
Android Android SDK 16–18
Android Android SDK 17
Android Android SDK 16
iOS iOS 9-13
Linux Debian 9 & below
Windows Windows 8
Windows Windows 7

Unsupported platforms

Platform Version
Android Android SDK 15 & below
iOS iOS 8 & below and arm7v 32-bit iOS
Linux Any 32-bit platform
macOS Yosemite (10.10) & below
Windows Windows Vista & below
Windows Any 32-bit platform