Supported deployment platforms

As of Flutter 3.22.1, Flutter supports deploying apps the following combinations of hardware architectures and operating system versions. These combinations are called platforms.

Flutter supports platforms in three tiers:

  • Supported: The Flutter team tests these platforms on every commit.
  • Best effort: The Flutter team intends to support these platforms through coding practices. The team tests these platforms on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Unsupported: The Flutter team doesn't test or support these platforms.

Based on these tiers, Flutter supports deploying to the following platforms.

Target PlatformHardware architecturesSupported versionsBest effort versionsUnsupported versions
Android SDKx64, Arm32, Arm6421 to 3419 to 2018 and earlier
iOSArm641712 to 1611 and earlier
macOSx64, Arm641310.14 to 12, 1410.13 and earlier
Windowsx64, Arm6410118 and earlier
Debian (Linux)x64, Arm6411, 129, 108 and earlier
Ubuntu (Linux)x64, Arm6420.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS24.04 LTS23.04 and earlier non-LTS
Chrome (Web)N/ALatest 296 to latest 295 and earlier
Firefox (Web)N/ALatest 299 to latest 298 and earlier
Safari (Web)N/ALatest 215.6 to latest 215.5 and earlier
Edge (Web)N/ALatest 296 to latest 295 and earlier