DevTools 2.26.1 release notes

The 2.26.1 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

General updates

  • Added a new "Home" screen in DevTools that either shows the "Connect" dialog or a summary of your connected app, depending on the connection status in DevTools. Keep an eye on this screen for cool new features in the future. This change also enables support for static tooling (tools that don't require a connected app) in DevTools - #6010

    home screen

  • Fixed overlay notifications so that they cover the area that their background blocks - #5975

Memory updates

  • Added a context menu to rename or delete a heap snapshot from the list - #5997
  • Warn users when HTTP logging may be affecting their app's memory consumption - #5998

Debugger updates

  • Improvements to text selection and copy behavior in the code view, console, and variables windows - #6020

Network profiler updates

  • Added a selector to customize the display type of text and json responses (thanks to @hhacker1999!) - #5816

Full commit history


To find a complete list of changes since the previous release, check out the diff on GitHub.