Using Flutter in China

The Flutter community has made a Simplified Chinese version of the Flutter website available at

If you’d like to install Flutter using an installation bundle, you can replace the domain of the original URL with a trusted mirror to speed it up. For example:

You must also set two environment variables to upgrade Flutter and use the pub package repository in China. Instructions are below.

Configuring Flutter to use a mirror site

If you’re installing or using Flutter in China, it may be helpful to use a trustworthy local mirror site that hosts Flutter’s dependencies. To instruct the Flutter tool to use an alternate storage location, you need to set two environment variables, PUB_HOSTED_URL and FLUTTER_STORAGE_BASE_URL, before running the flutter command.

Taking macOS or Linux as an example, here are the first few steps in the setup process for using a mirror site. Run the following in a Bash shell from the directory where you wish to store your local Flutter clone:

$ export PUB_HOSTED_URL=
$ git clone -b dev
$ export PATH="$PWD/flutter/bin:$PATH"
$ cd ./flutter
$ flutter doctor

After these steps, you should be able to continue setting up Flutter normally. From here on, packages fetched by flutter pub get are downloaded from in any shell where PUB_HOSTED_URL and FLUTTER_STORAGE_BASE_URL are set.

The server is a provisional mirror for Flutter dependencies and packages maintained by GDG China. The Flutter team cannot guarantee long-term availability of this service. You’re free to use other mirrors if they become available. If you’re interested in setting up your own mirror in China, contact for assistance.

Community-run mirror sites