ThemeData's toggleableActiveColor property has been deprecated


The Material widgets Switch, SwitchListTile, Checkbox, CheckboxListTile, Radio, RadioListTile now use ColorScheme.secondary color for their toggleable widget. ThemeData.toggleableActiveColor is deprecated and will eventually be removed.


The migration of widgets that depend on ThemeData.toggleableActiveColor to ColorScheme.secondary caused the toggleableActiveColor property to be unnecessary. This property will eventually be removed, as per Flutter’s deprecation policy.

Description of change

The widgets using ThemeData.toggleableActiveColor color for the active/selected state now use ColorScheme.secondary.

Migration guide

Toggleable widgets’ active/selected color can generally be customized in 3 ways

  1. Using ThemeData’s ColorScheme.secondary.
  2. Using components themes SwitchThemeData, ListTileThemeData, CheckboxThemeData, and RadioThemeData.
  3. By customizing the widget’s color properties.

Code before migration:

  theme: ThemeData(toggleableActiveColor: myColor),
  // ...

Code after migration:

final ThemeData theme = ThemeData();
  theme: theme.copyWith(
    colorScheme: theme.colorScheme.copyWith(secondary: myColor),


Landed in version: 2.9.0-1.0.pre.209
In stable release: not yet


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