Migrate a Windows project to set version information

Flutter 3.3 added support for setting the Windows app's version from the pubspec.yaml file or through the --build-name and --build-number build arguments. For more information, refer to the Build and release a Windows app documentation.

Projects created before Flutter version 3.3 need to be migrated to support versioning.

Migration steps


Your project can be updated using these steps:

  1. Verify you are on Flutter version 3.3 or newer using flutter --version
  2. If needed, use flutter upgrade to update to the latest version of the Flutter SDK
  3. Backup your project, possibly using git or some other version control system
  4. Delete the windows/runner/CMakeLists.txt and windows/runner/Runner.rc files
  5. Run flutter create --platforms=windows .
  6. Review the changes to your windows/runner/CMakeLists.txt and windows/runner/Runner.rc files
  7. Verify your app builds using flutter build windows



PR 721 shows the migration work for the Flutter Gallery app.