Flutter 1.9.1 release notes

Hello and welcome to another stable release of Flutter. So far this year, we've been right on target with one stable release each quarter, as per our plan (well, less of a plan and more of a goal, but still, it's been working out pretty well so far…). This release is our biggest yet, with 620 Pull Requests merged from 116 contributors. As always, the interesting PRs are listed below. And there are lots of interesting things to discuss in this release, including:

  • One regression fixed but also one added
  • Some breaking API changes
  • Some severe issues caught and fixed
  • Support for macOS Catalina and iOS 13
  • A number of new features
  • And more!

And to be clear, when I say "we," I mean the Flutter community as a whole. The Flutter team couldn't possibly continue to scale as we have without all of our contributors, no matter who your employer is. Thanks everyone for your contributions!



In this release, we fixed one regression (37955 Update shader warm-up for recent Skia changes) and caused another (38167 Incremental compiler re-issuing of errors from constant evaluator). The new regression is fixed after the 1.9.1 stable release (00d14e7 [CFE] Always start constant evaluation error where we are asked to evaluate), so if you're seeing it, you can choose a more recent build to bring it into your Flutter apps.

Breaking API Changes


We try hard not to make breaking changes, but we also don't want to create unintuitive APIs as we move Flutter forward to new scenarios and new platforms. These are the breaking changes in this release. Please see the associated announcements so you can move your code forward.

33281 (announcement) Update TextStyle and StrutStyle height docs

34019 (announcement) Selectable Text

34665 (announcement) Selection handles position is off

35110 (announcement) Always test semantics

35136 (announcement) Update Dark Theme disabledColor to White38

35785 (announcement) Remove reverseDuration from implicitly animated widgets, since it's ignored.

36030 (announcement) [Material] Implement TooltipTheme and Tooltip.textStyle, fix Tooltip debugLabel, update Tooltip defaults

36106 (announcement) Updated ColorScheme.dark() colors to match the Material Dark theme specification

36217 (announcement) Split Mouse from Listener

36402 (announcement) Teach render objects to reuse engine layers

36856 (no announcement) [Material] Implement TooltipTheme and Tooltip.textStyle, update Tooltip defaults

36964 (announcement) Interactive size const

37338 (announcement) Update constructor APIs TooltipTheme, ToggleButtonsTheme, PopupMenuTheme

37341 (no announcement) hiding original hero after hero transition

37544 (announcement) Replace ButtonBar.bar method with ButtonBarTheme

37652 (announcement) Change RenderObject.getTransformTo to include ancestor.

37736 (announcement) Added a composable waitForCondition Driver/extension API

Severe: Crash, Customer Critical and Performance Fixes


In Flutter, we try to add a little bit of quality to every release. This time around, we fixed several severe issues, including crashes, customer critical issues and performance issues.

34907 Fixed LicensePage to close page before loaded the License causes an error

35223 Navigator pushAndRemoveUntil Fix

36097 Fix nested scroll view can rebuild without layout

37033 fix debug paint crash when axis direction inverted

37254 Clamp Scaffold's max body height when extendBody is true

34298 Preserving SafeArea : Part 2

37718 Adding physicalDepth to MediaQueryData & TestWindow

35297 Fix the first frame logic in tracing and driver

New Features


This release also brings with it two new Material widgets: the ToggleButtons widget (called a segmented control on iOS) and a ColorFilter widget (described below in the Text & Accessibility section). To see these widgets in action, check out short ToggleButtons and ColorFilter samples. Also, the SelectableText widget allows the user to select read-only text.

34599 [Material] ToggleButtons

34019 Selectable Text

35207 refactor out selection handlers

36030 [Material] Implement TooltipTheme and Tooltip.textStyle, fix Tooltip debugLabel, update Tooltip defaults

36411 Implement InputDecorationTheme copyWith, ==, hashCode

36856 [Material] Implement TooltipTheme and Tooltip.textStyle, update Tooltip defaults

36963 Add margins to tooltips

37266 Change the value of kMaxUnsignedSMI for the Web

37341 hiding original hero after hero transition

37492 Drawer edge drag width improvements

macOS Catalina Support


With the release of macOS Catalina just around the corner, we've made sure that our tooling continues to work smoothly as you migrate to Catalina, iOS 13 and Xcode 11. I should note that you'll want to upgrade to the Flutter 1.9.1 stable release before upgrading to Catalina. The other order works, too, but you'll see an error when you do it that way (the error is benign, but still…).

38325 refactor flutter upgrade to be 2 part, with the second part re-entrant

cd70b Use MAP_JIT when doing an mmap for executable pages (needed for macOS Catalina).

38662 Change from using defaults to plutil for Plist parsing

2856 Update "Getting Started" path setup to support zsh shell (macOS Catalina support)

2857 Update "iOS Setup" page to reflect Xcode 11 UI update

37733 Support macOS Catalina-style signing certificate names

10010 Use simarm_x64 when targeting arm

37407 Remove multi-arch check in iOS builds

37445 Switch iOS gen_snapshot from multi-arch binary to multiple binaries

37647 Change priority of gen_snapshot search paths



With over 50 PRs in this release, iOS support continues to be a big focus for Flutter, including an iOS 13 scrollbar implementation (that includes long-press, drag-from-right and vibration feedback support), an update to the CupertinoSwitch widget to match iOS 13 and continued experimentation with bitcode.

35829 iOS 13 scrollbar

37724 iOS 13 scrollbar vibration

36087 Update visual style of CupertinoSwitch to match iOS 13

38587 Improve bitcode check

36471 Enable bitcode compilation for AOT

36093 Reland bundle ios deps

34676 Enable selection by default for password text field and expose api to…

34723 CupertinoTextField vertical alignment

34964 CupertinoTextField.onTap

35303 fix default artifacts to exclude ios and android

35307 Clean up host_app_ephemeral Profile build settings

35731 Keep LLDB connection to iOS device alive while running from CLI.

35749 add iOS build benchmarks

35756 Remove @objc inference build setting

35763 UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey -> UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey

35833 Disable CocoaPods input and output paths in Xcode build phase for ephemeral add-to-app project

36174 [cupertino_icons] Add glyph refs for brightness #16102

36194 Keep LLDB connection to iOS device alive while running from CLI.

36498 Clean up host_app_ephemeral_cocoapods Profile build settings

36793 Vend Flutter module App.framework as a local CocoaPod pod to be installed by a host app

36887 Fix thumb size calculation

37026 Add support for the Kannada (kn) locale

37048 use SizedBox instead of Container for building collapsed selection

37276 Make podhelper.rb a template to avoid passing in the module name

37319 resizeToAvoidBottomInset Cupertino without NavBar

37449 If xcode_backend.sh script fails or substitute variables are missing, fail the host Xcode build

37738 Use relative paths when installing module pods

37809 Add autofocus parameter to widgets which use Focus widget internally

37906 Always install the ephemeral engine copy instead of fetching from CocoaPods specs

38593 Fix text scale factor for non-content components of Cupertino scaffolds

38629 Handle case of a connected unpaired iOS device

38645 Rename iOS arch for macOS release mode (macOS release mode 2 of 3)

9075 IOS Platform view transform/clipping

9464 Added shebangs to ios unit test scripts.

9478 iOS PlatformView clip path

9491 Purge caches on low memory on iOS

9636 Added shebangs to ios unit test scripts. (#9464)

9667 iOS platform view opacity

9722 Forwards iOS dark mode trait to the Flutter framework (#34441).

9819 Allow for dynamic thread merging on IOS for embedded view mutations

9952 ios: Fixed the callback for the first frame so that it isn't predicated on having a splash screen.

10186 Ensure debug-mode apps are always attached on iOS.

10381 Fix empty composing range on iOS

10386 Don't use DBC for hot-reload on iOS.

10645 Don't use DBC for hot-reload on iOS.

10656 fix iOS keyboard crash : -[__NSCFString substringWithRange:], range o…

10662 bump local podspec's ios deployment target version from 7.0 to 8.0

10777 Manually roll Skia to pull in iOS armv7 build failure fix.

10791 Re-lands platform brightness support on iOS

10820 iOS JIT support and enhancements for scenarios app

10949 Fix iOS references to PostPrerollResult

11006 On iOS report the preferred frames per second to tools via service protocol.



The biggest addition to Android this release is support for a new flutter command: 'flutter build aar'. This new build command works just like 'flutter build apk' or 'flutter build appbundle', but for plugins and module projects. By building the plugins as AARs, the Android Gradle plugin can use Jetifier to translate support libraries into AndroidX libraries for all the plugin's native code, which reduces the error rate when using AndroidX in apps.

35217 Add flutter build aar

36732 Flutter build aar

10778 Build JARs containing the Android embedding sources and the engine native library

34573 Ensures flutter jar is added to all build types on plugin projects

36695 Android visible password input type support

36805 Allow flavors and custom build types in host app

37194 [flutter_tool] More gracefully handle Android sdkmanager failure

37405 Add .android/Flutter/flutter.iml to module template.

37752 Remove dead flag gradle-dir in flutter config

9206 Android Embedding Refactor PR31: Integrate platform views with the new embedding and the plugin shim.

9360 Simplify loading of app bundles on Android

9476 fix NPE when a touch event is sent to an unknown Android platform view

9501 [android] External textures must be rescaled to fill the canvas

9525 Android Embedding Refactor PR36: Add splash screen support.

9895 Android Embedding PR37: Separated FlutterActivity and FlutterFragment via FlutterActivityAndFragmentDelegate

9999 Add support for Android's visible password input type

10250 Android Embedding Refactor 38: Removed AssetManager from DartEntrypoint.

10413 Pass Android Q insets.systemGestureInsets to Window

10424 Fix deprecation warnings in the Android embedding

10481 Android embedding refactor pr40 add static engine cache

10771 Don't use gradle daemon for building

11001 Avoid dynamic lookups of the engine library's symbols on Android

11015 Remove the output directory prefix from the Android engine JAR filename



Of course, the Material design language also continues to be a major focus for Flutter.

34869 [Material] Properly call onChangeStart and onChangeEnd in Range Slider

34872 [Material] Support for hovered, focused, and pressed border color on OutlineButtons

34906 Fix unused [applicationIcon] property on [showLicensePage]

34932 Added onChanged property to TextFormField

35075 Allow for customizing SnackBar's content TextStyle in its theme

35282 Add Container fallback to Ink build method

35496 [Material] Text scale and wide label fixes for Slider and Range Slider value indicator shape

35499 Added MaterialApp.themeMode to control which theme is used.

35560 Support for elevation based dark theme overlay color in the Material widget

35878 Add flag to use root navigator for showModalBottomSheet

36028 Fix slider preferred height

36088 Add PopupMenuTheme to enable theming color, shape, elevation, text style of Menu

36409 Add searchFieldLabel to SearchDelegate in order to show a custom hint

36880 [Material] Create material Banner component

37038 Update SnackBar to the latest Material specs.

37259 [Material] Add support for hovered, pressed, focused, and selected text color on Chips.

37269 [Material] FAB refactor - remove unnecessary IconTheme

37355 Added ThemeData.from() method to construct a Theme from a ColorScheme

37403 add ontap to textformfield

37436 Hide text selection handle after entering text

37556 [Material] Make RawChip.selected non-nullable.

37636 Add CheckboxListTile checkColor

37715 Fix markdown link format

37825 Automatic focus highlight mode for FocusManager

37870 remove Header flag from BottomNavigationBar items

37877 Adds DefaultTextStyle ancestor to Tooltip Overlay

37882 Add dense property to AboutListTile

38467 [Material] Add splashColor to FAB and FAB ThemeData

38621 [Material] Create theme for Dividers to enable customization of thickness

38636 Adds the arrowColor option to UserAccountsDrawerHeader (#38608)

Text & Accessibility


The biggest change in text & accessibility for this release is the new ColorFilter support, which enables you to recolor an entire widget tree according, for example, to adjust your app for users with red/green color blindness. To see it in action, check out this ColorFilter sample.

35468 Add colorFilterLayer/Widget

9641 Let pushColorFilter accept all types of ColorFilters

9668 Refactor ColorFilter to have a native wrapper

9789 fix ColorFilter.matrix constness

34515 OutlineInputBorder adjusts for borderRadius that is too large

35100 Add handling of 'TextInput.clearClient' message from platform to framework (#35054).

35219 Text selection menu show/hide cases

35493 Do not use ideographic baseline for RenderPargraph baseline

36974 Multiline Selection Menu Position Bug

37042 Fix selection menu not showing after clear

38573 Clamp scrollOffset to prevent textfield bouncing

35487 Fix RenderFittedBox when child.size.isEmpty

36243 Allow semantics labels to be shorter or longer than raw text

36303 Add sync star benchmark cases

37158 Fix Textfields in Semantics Debugger

37828 have android_semantics_testing use adb from ENV provided android sdk

Web (tech preview)


Work continues on adding to the technical preview of web platform support to Flutter in this release, including a flag to tell if an app is running on the web. To see it in action, check out main.dart in the flutter_mazegen sample. To learn more, see Flutter for web.

36135 add a kIsWeb constant to foundation

34252 Integrate dwds into flutter tool for web support

34896 Allow multi-root web builds

35221 Twiggle bit to exclude dev and beta from desktop and web

36297 Add multi-line flag to semantics

36465 Use FlutterFeatures to configure web and desktop devices

36548 Fix the web builds by reverting version bump of build_modules

36549 fix number encoding in message codecs for the Web

37515 Upstream web support for IterableProperty

37637 don't call Platform.operatingSystem in RenderView diagnostics

37638 [web][upstream] Fix debugPrintStack for web platform

37658 fix windows path for dwds/web builds

37712 [web][upstream] Optimize InactiveElements deactivation

37812 [web][upstream] Don't register exit/saveCompilationTrace for web platform since they are not available

37815 Restructure resident web runner usage to avoid SDK users that don't support dwds

38499 Update build web compilers and configure libraries

Desktop (experimental)


We continue to move forward with the experimental support for the desktop platform in Flutter. If you'd like to take part in the experiment, see Flutter Desktop shells.

32770 Dismiss modal with any button press

34660 Add --target support for Windows and Linux

34712 Fix FocusTraversalPolicy makes focus lost

34752 [linux] Receives the unmodified characters obtained from GLFW

35495 mark windows and macos chrome dev mode as flaky

36197 Fix windows, exclude widgets from others

36722 Skip flaky test windows

36784 [flutter_tool] Improve Windows flutter clean error message

36845 Improve Windows build failure message

36987 Flutter assemble for macos take 2!

37211 Don't enable scroll wheel when scrolling is off

37342 Fix mouse region crash when using closures

37344 Fix mouse region double render

37351 fix errors caught by roll of macOS assemble

37365 only build macOS kernel in debug mode

37425 Support for macOS release mode (1 of 3)

37509 Use macOS ephemeral directory for Pod env script

37664 Partial macOS assemble revert

37891 Focus debug

38651 Update the macOS Podfile template platform version

9654 Begin separating macOS engine from view controller

9672 Add FLEDartProject for macOS embedding

9745 Fix windows test by not attempting to open a directory as a file.

9799 Update buildroot to c4df4a7b to pull in MSVC 2017 Update 9 on Windows.

9835 [Windows] Alternative Windows shell platform implementation

9953 [macos] Add reply to binary messenger

10009 [macos] Revert check on FlutterCodecs and refactor message function]

10189 [macos] Reland function refactor

11010 Rename macOS FLE* classes to Flutter*

36546 Unskip date_picker_test on Windows as underlying issue 19696 was fixed.



The core framework for Flutter saw several important features in this release, including support for an additional 24 new locales (ranging from Afrikaans to Zulu).

36589 Update Localizations: added 24 new locales (reprise)

33936 New parameter for RawGestureDetector to customize semantics mapping

34202 Remove _debugWillReattachChildren assertions from _TableElement

34626 AsyncSnapshot.data to throw if error or no data

34895 Remove flutter_tools support for old AOT snapshotting

34919 Remove duplicate error parts

35132 Reduce allocations by reusing a matrix for transient transforms in _transformRect

35143 More HttpClientResponse Uint8List fixes

35149 More HttpClientResponse implements Streamfixes

35232 New benchmark: Gesture semantics

35233 Attempt skipping coverage shard if tools did not change

35245 More preparation for HttpClientResponse implements Uint8List

35246 attempt to not skip coverage on post commit

35263 remove unnecessary ..toList()

35280 benchmarkWidgets.semanticsEnabled default false.

35288 Apply coverage skip math correctly

35408 Remove print

35482 Use the new service protocol message names

35491 Include tags in SemanticsNode debug properties

35646 Prepare for Socket implements Stream

35725 Update annotated region findAll implementation to use Iterables directly.

35750 use sentence case in error message titles

35762 Refactor keymapping for resident_runner

35828 Cleanup widgets/sliver_persistent_header.dart with resolution of dart-lang/sdk#31543

35913 Change focus example to be more canonical (and correct)

35932 Upgraded framework packages with 'flutter update-packages --force-upgrade'.

35979 Optimizes gesture recognizer fixes #35658

36262 Prevents infinite loop in Table._computeColumnWidths

36302 Issues/30526 gc

36333 fix sliver fixed pinned appbar

36396 Optimize the transformRect and transformPoint methods in matrix_utils.

36482 Sped up shader warmup by only drawing on a 100x100 surface

36493 Fixes sliver list does not layout firstchild when child reordered

36503 Disabling Firebase Test Lab smoke test to unblock autoroller

36698 fixes iphone force press keyboard select crashes

36768 add an error count field to the Flutter.Error event

36857 Ensure user-thrown errors have ErrorSummary nodes

36867 Add reference to StrutStyle from TextStyle

36955 Extract common PlatformView functionality: Painting and Semantics

37187 use FlutterError in MultiChildRenderObjectWidget

37275 Optimize the transformRect and transformPoint methods in matrix_utils…

37479 Remove bogus code in ContainerParentDataMixin.detach

37497 Extract common PlatformView functionality: Gesture and PointerEvent

37703 PlatformViewLink, handling creation of the PlatformViewSurface and dispose PlatformViewController

37790 Doc: Image.memory only accepts compressed format

37880 reduce mac workload

38441 Fix getOffsetToReveal for growthDirection reversed and AxisDirection down or right

38463 Do not construct arguments to _focusDebug when running in non-debug modes

38639 PlatformViewLink. cached surface should be a Widget type

38686 Rename patent file

38704 Adds canRequestFocus toggle to FocusNode

38710 PlatformViewLink: Rename CreatePlatformViewController to CreatePlatformViewCallback

35335 Using custom exception class for network loading error

35574 Fix semantics for floating pinned sliver app bar

35810 SliverFillRemaining accounts for child size when hasScrollBody is false

35941 SliverLayoutBuilder



The core engine continues to see many improvements across the board in this release.

9041 TextStyle.height property as a multiple of font size instead of multiple of ascent+descent+leading.

9089 Wire up custom event loop interop for the GLFW embedder.

9329 Fixed memory leak by way of accidental retain on implicit self

9403 Remove variants of ParagraphBuilder::AddText that are not used within the engine

9419 Has a binary messenger

9423 Don't hang to a platform view's input connection after it's disposed

9424 Send timings of the first frame without batching

9431 Generate weak pointers only in the platform thread

9436 Add the functionality to merge and unmerge MessageLoopTaskQueues

9439 Eliminate unused import in FlutterView

9452 Convert RRect.scaleRadii to public method

9456 Made sure that the run_tests script returns the right error code.

9459 Remove unused/unimplemented shell constructor

9460 Fixed logLevel filter bug so that filter now works as expected.

9461 Adds API for retaining intermediate engine layers

9463 Removed unused imports in new embedding.

9466 Re-enable the Wuffs GIF decoder

9468 Manually draw remainder curve for wavy decorations

9485 Add --observatory-host switch

9486 Rework image & texture management to use concurrent message queues.

9489 Handle ambiguous directionality of final trailing whitespace in mixed bidi text

9490 fix a bug where the platform view's transform is not reset before set frame

9493 Run benchmarks on try jobs.

9495 fix build breakage on PlatformViews.mm

9498 Notify framework to clear input connection when app is backgrounded (#35054).

9503 Improve caching limits for Skia

9506 Synchronize main thread and gpu thread for first render frame

9508 Support image filter on paint

9532 fix FlutterOverlayView doesn't remove from superview in some cases

9556 Minimal integration with the Skia text shaper module

9561 libtxt: fix reference counting of SkFontStyleSets held by font asset providers

9585 Fix a race in the embedder accessibility unit test

9589 Fixes a plugin overwrite bug in the plugin shim system.

9590 Apply patches that have landed in topaz since we ported the runners to the engine repo

9591 Document various classes in //flutter/shell/common.

9632 Added Doxyfile.

9633 Cherry-pick fix for flutter/flutter#35291

9640 make EmbeddedViewParams a unique ptr

9642 Fix warning about settings unavailable GN arg build_glfw_shell

9651 Move the mutators stack handling to preroll

9652 Pipeline allows continuations that can produce to front

9653 External view embedder can tell if embedded views have mutated

9655 Allow embedders to add callbacks for responses to platform messages from the framework.

9660 ExternalViewEmbedder can CancelFrame after pre-roll

9661 Raster now returns an enum rather than boolean

9663 Mutators Stack refactoring

9685 fix Picture.toImage return type check and api conform test.

9698 Ensure that platform messages without response handles can be dispatched.

9713 Explain why OpacityLayer has an offset field

9717 Fixed logLevel filter bug so that filter now works as expected. (#9460)

9721 Add comments to differentiate two cache paths

9725 Make the license script compatible with recently changed Dart I/O stream APIs

9727 Add hooks for InputConnection lock and unlocking

9734 Fix backspace crash on Chinese devices

9737 Use libc++ variant of string view and remove the FML variant.

9741 Make FLEViewController's view an internal detail

9747 Remove get engine

9750 FLEViewController/Engine API changes

9758 Include SkParagraph headers only when the enable-skshaper flag is on

9762 Fall back to a fully qualified path to libapp.so if the library can not be loaded by name

9767 Un-deprecated FlutterViewController's binaryMessenger.

9769 Document //flutter/shell/common/engine.

9772 fix objcdoc generation

9781 SendPlatformMessage allow null message value

9797 Remove breaking asserts

9808 Document FontFeature class

9809 Document //flutter/shell/common/rasterizer

9813 Made Picture::toImage happen on the IO thread with no need for an onscreen surface.

9815 Made the persistent cache's directory a const pointer.

9816 Only release the image data in the unit-test once Skia has accepted ownership of it.

9825 In a single frame codec, release the encoded image buffer after giving it to the decoder

9828 Make the virtual display's window translucent

9847 Started adding the engine hash to frameworks' Info.plist.

9849 Preserve the alpha for VD content by setting a transparent background.

9850 Add multi-line flag to semantics

9851 Add a macro for prefixing embedder.h symbols

9855 Fix missing assignment to _allowHeadlessExecution

9859 Fix justify for RTL paragraphs.

9867 Fixed error in generated xml Info.plist.

9873 Add clang version to Info.plist

9875 Simplify buildtools

9890 Log dlopen errors only in debug mode

9893 Removed logic from FlutterAppDelegate into FlutterPluginAppLifeCycleDelegate

9894 Add the isMultiline semantics flag to values

9896 Capture stderr for ninja command

9901 Handle decompressed images in InstantiateImageCodec

9905 Respect EXIF information while decompressing images.

9906 Update libcxx & libcxxabi to HEAD in prep for compiler upgrade.

9919 Removed unused method.

9920 Fix caching of Locale.toString

9922 Split out lifecycle protocol

9923 Fix failure of the onReportTimings window hook test

9924 Don't try to use unset assets_dir setting

9925 Fix the geometry test to reflect that OffsetBase comparison operators are a partial ordering

9927 Update Buildroot Version

9929 Update the exception thrown for invalid data in the codec test

9931 Fix reentrancy handling in SingleFrameCodec

9932 Exit flutter_tester with an error code on an unhandled exception

9934 Updates to the engine test runner script

9935 Fix backspace crash on Chinese devices (#9734)

9936 Move development.key from buildroot

9937 [platform view] do not make clipping view and interceptor view clipToBounds

9938 Removed PlatformViewsController if-statements from TextInputPlugin (#34286).

9939 Added hasRenderedFirstFrame() to old FlutterView for Espresso (#36211).

9948 [glfw] Enables replies on binary messenger in glfw embedder

9958 Clean up cirrus.yml file a little

9961 Fix return type of assert function in gradient_test

9977 Fix flutter/flutter #34791

9987 Update GN to git_revision:152c5144ceed9592c20f0c8fd55769646077569b

10012 Undelete used method

10021 Added a DartExecutor API for querying ## of pending channel callbacks

10056 Update .cirrus.yml

10063 Track clusters and return cluster boundaries in getGlyphPositionForCoordinates (emoji fix)

10064 Disable DartLifecycleTest::ShuttingDownTheVMShutsDownAllIsolates in runtime_unittests.

10068 Fixed memory leak with engine registrars.

10069 Enable consts from environment in DDK for flutter_web

10073 Basic structure for flutter_jit_runner far

10074 Change ParagraphBuilder to replace the parent style's font families with the child style's font families

10075 Change flutter runner target for LUCI

10078 One more luci fix

10109 Cache font family lookups that fail to obtain a font collection

10127 Track detailed LibTxt metrics

10128 Started linking the test targets against Flutter.

10151 [fucshia] fix name to reflect the cmx file

10155 src/third_party/dart a2aec5eb06...86dba81dec

10172 [dart_runner] Rename dart to dart runner

10176 Add suggested Java changes from flutter roll

10178 Removed unnecessary call to find the App.framework.

10179 [dart_runner] dart jit runner and dart jit product runner

10195 Allow embedder controlled composition of Flutter layers.

10235 Deprecate FlutterView#enableTransparentBackground

10242 Remove Dead Scenic Clipping Code Path.

10265 [dart-roll] Roll dart sdk to 80c4954d4d1d2a257005793d83b601f3ff2997a2

10273 Remove one last final call to AddPart()

10282 Export FFI from sky_engine.

10295 Fix memory overrun in minikin patch

10296 fix CI

10297 Ensure that the SingleFrameCodec stays alive until the ImageDecoder invokes its callback

10298 Fix red build again

10303 Make tree green for real this time, I promise.

10414 expose max depth on Window

10419 Make kernel compiler use host toolchain

10423 Fix mac gen_snapshot uploader

10430 Add copy_gen_snapshots.py tool

10477 Add #else, #endif condition comments

10479 Delete unused create_macos_gen_snapshot.py script

10485 Remove semi-redundant try-jobs.

10629 Fix engine platformviewscontroller leak

10637 Document the thread test fixture.

10644 [flutter_runner] Port: Add connectToService, wrapping fdio_ns_connect.

10652 Allow embedders to control Dart VM lifecycle on engine shutdown.

10674 When setting up AOT snapshots from symbol references, make buffer sizes optional.

10675 Improvements to the flutter GDB script

10773 Remove use of the deprecated AccessibilityNodeInfo boundsInParent API

10776 rename stub_ui to web_ui

10780 [flutter_runner] Improve frame scheduling

10781 [flutter] Create the compositor context on the GPU task runner.

10782 Update license script to handle ANGLE

10783 Make firebase test more LUCI friendly

10786 Remove 3 semi-redundant try-jobs

10787 Change call to |AddPart| to |AddChild|

10788 Wire up a concurrent message loop backed SkExecutor for Skia.

10797 Rename artifacts so they match the Maven convention

10799 Add a test for creating images from bytes.

10808 Remove flutter_kernel_sdk dart script

10809 [dart:zircon] Porting Cache re-usable handle wait objects

10815 Return an empty mapping for an empty file asset

10816 Add firstFrameDidRender to FlutterViewController

10823 Expose isolateId for engine

10941 Report test failures in run_tests.py

10952 Change SemanticsNode#children lists to be non-null

10955 Fix format

10956 Increase the license block scan from 5k to 6k

11002 Remove a tracing macro with a dangling pointer

11004 Trace RasterCacheResult::Draw

11005 Drop firebase test from Cirrus

11007 Update README.md

11011 Initialize the engine in the running state to match the animator's default state

11012 Remove the ParagraphImpl class from the text API

11013 Remove ability to override mac_sdk_path in flutter/tools/gn

11024 Add _glfw versions of the GLFW desktop libraries

11027 Fix first frame logic

11029 Disable a deprecation warning for use of a TaskDescription constructor for older platforms

11033 remove OS version

11034 Show all license diffs

11038 Make JIT work on iPhone armv7

11040 Hide verbose dart snapshot during run_test.py

11041 Add a BroadcastStream to FrameTiming

11046 Add ccls config files to .gitignore

11052 Remove unused dstColorSpace argument to MakeCrossContextFromPixmap

11056 Sort the Skia typefaces in a font style set into a consistent order

11062 Provide a placeholder queue ID for the custom embedder task runner.

11067 Minor update to the Robolectric test harness

11068 More updates to the Robolectric test harness

11075 [dynamic_thread_merging] Resubmit only on the frame where the merge



As always, the end-to-end experience for Flutter relies heavily on its tools. With that in mind, in addition to the PRs listed below, which focus on the flutter CLI tool, you should also check out the following releases for the IntelliJ/Android Studio Flutter plugin, the VSCode Flutter plugin and Dart DevTools:

In addition, this release also has a lot going on under the hood to provide you with better, more actionable error messages. You can read about those details in this blog post from the Flutter User Experience team.

32511 Rendering errors with root causes in the widget layer should have a reference to the widget

28090 Ensure that cache dirs and files have appropriate permissions

32816 Add initial implementation of flutter assemble

34624 Break down flutter doctor validations and results

34785 Tweak the display name of emulators

34794 Add emulatorID field to devices in daemon

35084 Move findTargetDevices to DeviceManager

35092 Add FlutterProjectFactory so that it can be overridden internally.

35186 Make tool coverage collection resilient to sentinel coverage data

35188 ensure test isolate is paused before collecting coverage

35192 don't block any presubmit on coverage

35231 Fix coverage collection

35367 Add type to StreamChannel in generated test code.

35392 Add timer checking and Fake http client to testbed

35406 Refactor signal and command line handler from resident runner

35465 Mark update-packages as non-experimental

35467 Mark update-packages as non-experimental

35480 Update the help message on precache command for less confusion

35681 Disable incremental compiler in dartdevc

35765 Use public _registerService RPC in flutter_tools

35767 set targets of zero percent for tools codecoverage

35839 use pub run for create test and remove [INFO] logs

35846 move reload and restart handling into terminal

36017 Move reporting files to reporting/

36082 Add better handling of JSON-RPC exception

36084 handle google3 version of pb

36105 [flutter_tool] Catch a yaml parse failure during project creation

36109 Catch exceptions thrown by runChecked* when possible

36122 Make sure add-to-app build bundle from outer xcodebuild/gradlew sends analytics

36138 Implement feature flag system for flutter tools

36199 Don't try to flutterExit if isolate is still paused

36208 [flutter_tool] Allow analytics without a terminal attached

36213 Use DeviceManager instead of device to determine if device supports project.

36218 release lock in flutter pub context

36237 Recommend to use the final version of CDN support for the trunk specs repo.

36240 Rearrange flutter assemble implementation

36288 Throw exception if instantiating IOSDevice on non-mac os platform

36289 FakeHttpClientResponse improvements

36318 Include flutter_runner in precache artifacts.

36327 Fix invocations of ideviceinstaller not passing DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH

36331 Minor fixes to precache help text (attempt #2)

36434 Clean up flutter driver device detection.

36481 Remove untested code

36490 [flutter_tool] Send analytics command before the command runs

36507 Bump engine version

36513 Fix flutter pub -v

36556 Fix usage test to use local usage

36560 [flutter_tools] Add some useful commands to the README.md

36564 Make sure fx flutter attach can find devices

36569 Some minor cleanup for flutter_tools

36570 Some minor fixes to the tool_coverage tool

36585 Place build outputs under dart tool

36598 Expose functionality to compile dart to kernel for the VM

36679 add line-length to flutter format command line

36727 Add missing config to create

36773 Expose build-dir config option

36774 Parameterize CoverageCollector with a library name predicate

36785 [flutter_tool] Clean up usage events and custom dimensions

36787 Check for directory instead of path separator

36832 Remove flaky check for analyzer message.

37036 Build number (part after +) is documented as optional, use entire app version if not present

37044 [flutter_tool] Make a couple file operations synchronous

37186 [flutter_tool] Usage refactor cleanup

37196 [flutter_tool] Catch ProcessException from 'adb devices'

37198 [flutter_tool] Re-try sending the first crash report

37210 do not strip symbols when building profile

37217 hide symbols from spotlight for App.framework

37331 [flutter_tool] Add missing toString()

37345 [flutter_tool] Include the local timezone in analytics timestamp

37378 Disable xcode indexing in CI via COMPILER_INDEX_STORE_ENABLE=NO argument

37422 [flutter_tool] Additional flutter manifest yaml validation

37440 Print message when HttpException is thrown after running flutter run

37457 Find the app bundle when the flavor contains underscores

37500 Avoid killing Flutter tool process (#37471)

37512 Enable track widget creation on debug builds

37514 [flutter_tool] Remove unintended analytics screen send

37521 have xcodeSelectPath also catch ArgumentError

37595 Closes #37593 Add flutter_export_environment.sh to gitignore

37654 Add missing library to flutter tools BUILD.gn

37731 Add metadata to indicate if the host app contains a Flutter module

37735 Remove unused no-build flag from the flutter run command

37743 Handle thrown maps and rejects from fe server

37792 Disable the progress bar when downloading the Dart SDK via Invoke-WebRequest

37863 Expose the timeline event names so they can be used in other systems that do tracing

37871 Catch failure to create directory in cache

37900 Listen to ExtensionEvent instead of TimelineEvent

37958 Catch FormatException caused by bad simctl output

37966 Remove ephemeral directories during flutter clean

37994 Remove no-constant-update-2018, the underlying issue has been resolved.

38101 Catch filesystem exception from flutter create

38102 Fix type error hidden by implicit downcasts

38296 use common emulator/device list

38339 [flutter_tool] Flip create language defaults to swift and kotlin

38342 remove bsdiff from BUILD.gn

38353 [flutter_tool] Observatory connection error handling cleanup

38472 [flutter_tool] Fix bug in manifest yaml validation

38486 Catch errors thrown into the Zone by json_rpc

38490 Fix publish cmd

38497 handle unexpected exit from frontend server

38575 fix rpc exception for real

38586 Don't reload if compilation has errors

38637 [flutter_tool] Throw tool exit on malformed storage url override

38652 Kill dead code

36860 Remove Chain terse parsing

36874 Adjust phrasing of features

36884 Unbreak build_runner

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You can see the full list of merged PRs in this release here.