DevTools 2.23.1 release notes

The 2.23.1 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

General updates

  • Update DevTools to the new Material 3 design - #5429
  • Use the default Flutter service worker - #5331
  • Added the new verbose logging feature for helping us debug user issues - #5404

    verbose logging

  • Fix a bug where some asynchronous errors were not being reported - #5456
  • Added support for viewing data after an app disconnects for screens that support offline viewing (currently only the Performance and CPU profiler pages) - #5509
  • Include settings button in the footer of the embedded view - #5528

Performance updates

  • Fix a performance regression in timeline event processing - #5460
  • Persist a user’s preference for whether the Flutter Frames chart should be shown by default - #5339
  • Point users to Impeller when shader compilation jank is detected on an iOS device - #5455
  • Remove the CPU profiler from the legacy trace viewer - #5539

CPU profiler updates

  • Add a Method Table to the CPU profiler - #5366

    Method table

  • Improve the performance of data processing in the CPU profiler - #5468, #5533, #5535
  • Polish and performance improvements for the CPU profile flame chart - #5529
  • Add ability to inspect statistics for a CPU profile - #5340
  • Fix a bug where Native stack frames were missing their name - #5344
  • Fix an error in total and self time calculations for the bottom up tree - #5348
  • Add support for zooming and navigating the flame chart with ,AOE keys (helpful for Dvorak users) - #5545

Memory updates

  • Fix filtering bug in the “Trace Instances” view - #5406
  • Enabled evaluation and browsing for instances in heap snapshot - #5542
  • Fix heap snapshot failure - #5520
  • Stop displaying external sizes in the allocation profile - #5555
  • Expose totals for memory in heap snapshot - #5593

Debugger updates

  • Fix a bug where variable inspection for instances sometimes showed no children - #5356
  • Hide “search in file” dialog if the “file search” dialog is open - #5393
  • Fix file search bug where last letter disappeared when searching at end of file name - #5397
  • Add search icon in file bar to make file search more discoverable - #5351
  • Allow expression evaluation when pausing in JS for web apps - #5427
  • Update syntax highlighting to dart-lang/dart-syntax-highlight v1.2.0 - #5477
  • Debugger panel respects “dense mode” - #5517

Network profiler updates

  • Fix a bug viewing JSON responses with null values - #5424
  • Fix a bug where JSON requests were shown in plain text, instead of the formatted JSON viewer - #5463
  • Fix a UI issue where the copy button on the response or request tab would let you copy while still loading the data - #5476

Full commit history

To find a complete list of changes since the previous release, check out the diff on GitHub.