DevTools 2.30.0 release notes

The 2.30.0 release of the Dart and Flutter DevTools includes the following changes among other general improvements. To learn more about DevTools, check out the DevTools overview.

Performance updates

  • Add an indicator of the rendering engine to the Flutter Frames chart. - #6771

    Flutter rendering engine text

  • Improve messaging when we do not have analysis data available for a Flutter frame. - #6768

VS Code Sidebar updates

  • The Flutter Sidebar provided to VS Code now has the ability to enable new platforms if a device is available for a platform that is not enabled for the current project. This also requires a corresponding Dart extension for VS Code update to appear. - #6688

  • The DevTools menu in the sidebar now has an entry "Open in Browser" that opens DevTools in an external browser window even when VS Code settings are set to usually use embedded DevTools. - #6736

Full commit history


To find a complete list of changes in this release, check out the DevTools git log.